Chen LianguoDavid CHEN Lianguo: Research Interests: mode of action of promising antifouling compounds

Educational background: Bsc, Ocean University of China; Msc, Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS

Hobbies: outdoor activities like hiking, taekwondo, movies and reading

ZHANG Gen: Research Interests: 1. The molecular pathway involved in marine larvae settlement and development;2. The toxicology of chemicals to marine and aquatic animals;3. The potential ecological mechanisms involved in population dynamics of marine and aquatic zooplanktons.
Educational background: Bsc & Msc, Anhui Normal University
Hobbies: Food, Chinese historical drama, Cooking
LU Liang : Research Interests: I have great interesting in purification and structure identification of nature products. In recent years, most of projects I participate are cooperated with pharmaceutical companies. I hope I could have an opportunity to develop a new drug in the near future.
Educational background: BSc, Nanjing Tech University; Msc, China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
Hobbies: Movies, table tennis, badminton
yuliYU Li : Research Interests: characterization of neuropeptides and peptide hormones in marine invertebrate

Educational background: BSc, Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Msc, HKUST

Hobbies: badminton, cooking, travel

 IMG_20131212_204350  Dr Renmao TIAN
rtian@ust.hkResearch Interests: Environmental microbiology, metagenomicsEducational background: Bsc, Ludong University; Msc, Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology; PhD, Division of Life Science, HKUSTHobbies: Martial arts, swimming
Qiu Jianwen 1 Dr. QIU Jianwen Associate ProfessorHong Kong Baptist UniversityEmail:
Stanley_Lau_L Dr. Stanley LAU Assistant ProfessorHong Kong University of Science & TechnologyEmail:
Tilmann Dr. Tilmann HARDER
Senior Research FellowUniversity of New South WalesEmail:
Dash Swagatika Dr. Dash SWAGATIKA
Flora Mok Siu Yan Dr. Flora MOK Forestry OfficerAgriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR
Huang Yili Dr. Yili HUANG
Associate ProfessorCollege of Environmental & Resource Sciences of Zhejiang University

Jill Chiu Man Ying Dr. Jill CHIU
Assistant ProfessorHong Kong Baptist University
Ki Jang-Seu Dr. Jang-Seu KIProfessorSangmyung UniversityEmail:
Zhao Bin Dr. ZHAO Bin ProfessorState Key Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and EcotoxicologyEmail:
Li Xiancui Dr. LI Xiancui
Institute of Oceanology
Mandy Tsoi Man Yee Miss Mandy TSOI
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAREmail:
Qi Shuhua Dr. QI Shuhua Professor
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Email:
DSC_8408 Dr. ZHANG Rui
Associate Professor
Xiamen UniversityEmail:
Vengatesen Thiyagarajan Dr. Ventegansen THIYAGARAJAN
Assistant Professor
Hong Kong University, Email:
Wang Hao Dr. WANG Hao
cherry Ms. Cherry KWAN Hoi Ting

Ministry Assistant
Watermark Community Church


chandra Dr. Kondethimmanahalli CHANDRAMOULI Post-doctoral fellow, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Email:
salimbougouffa Dr. Salim BOUGOUFFA
Post-doctoral fellowKing Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Email:
magic Dr. ZHANG Yu
Assistant Professor, Shenzhen UniversityEmail:
ononlee Dr. Joanne LEE On On
Fisheries Officer
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR, Email:
Hung Oi Shing Dr. Jeffrey HUNG Oi Shing

lydiachen Dr. Lydia CHEN Zhangfan

jenniferyan Ms Jennifer YAN Xingcheng

Li Honglei Dr. LI Honglei
Zhang Wen Dr. ZHANG Wen

Keith Kei Mr. Keith KEIDemonstrator
Hong Kong Baptist University
Gary Chung Mr. Gary CHUNG Hong Chun
Zhang Yifan Dr. ZHANG Yifan
Jin Tao Dr. JIN Tao
Miaoli-2 Dr. MIAO LiAssociate ProfessorYangzhou University
Cindy Yang Dr. Cindy YANG
Research OfficerThe University of Hong Kong
Cindy Lam_1 Dr. Cindy LAM
LecturerHong Kong University of Science & Technology
han zhuang Dr. HAN Zhuang, Assistant Research FellowChinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Sciences & EngineeringEmail:
wang Dr. WANG Yong, ProfessorChinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Sciences & EngineeringEmail:
lishenghe Dr. HE Lisheng, ProfessorChinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Sciences & EngineeringEmail:
AS-272958497226754@1442089785727_l Dr. Yasuyuki Nogata, Senior Researcher, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo
IMG_3266 Dr. GAO Zhaoming Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Sciences & Engineering


Dr. Sharon Ying Xu, Professor, Shenzhen University                     


            Noel YANG Bo





            Dr Tim WONG Yue Him


           .Assistant Professor, Akita Prefectural University



           Dr CAO






leonie             Dr LIU Lingli,,

.          ..Assisstant profeesor in NWSUAF



下载          Dr.  Kyotaka Matsumura





Shawncompilation Dr. Shawn Arellano, Western Washington University


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